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Paola Prestes is a documentarian for Serena Filmes and a screenwriter. For nearly 15 years she made documentaries for communication agencies like Ogilvy and, in parallel, several short films, among them In Bed with King (2002), awarded at the Mix Brasil Festival. Her two features documentaries Flávio Rangel - A story of the Brazilian stage (2009) and Massao Ohno – Poetry Present (2015) were released at the Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo, broadcast on television, and had special projections at literary venues such as the Mário de Andrade public library and Flip. She has worked as a screenwriter for Rede Globo.
She has a Ph.D. in Cinema (she researches film archives) from the University of São Paulo. In the past 10 years, she has been a visiting professor and lecturer in post-graduate documentary courses at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado and SENAC, and has given workshops at SESC and at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) of São Paulo.
Feature movies

Massao Ohno, Japanese-Brazilian graphic artist and poetry editor, paves the way for new poets in the 60s´ when he publishes the Anthology of the Newest. He launches, among others, Hilda Hilst and Roberto Piva, redefining not only the horizon of Brazilian contemporary poetry, but the esthetics of graphic art, something visible in books published today by major Brazilian editing houses.

Flávio Rangel – a story of the Brazilian stage is a documentary on one of the most brilliant theater directors of Brazil. Rangel was part of the first generation of theater authors and directors who introduced to the public in the late fifties a truly Brazilian way of making theater, with plays that reflected Brazilian reality and its social and political dilemmas.

Short movies

Videoinstallation with artists who participated in the residence program that FAAP has at the Cité des Arts, in Paris (Annual Art Show, Salão Cultural, FAAP, 2008/2009).

Poetic documentary on people who meet to dance everyweek in a São Paulo ballroom.

Documentary on visual artist Iran do Espírito Santo and his exhibit at the Estação Pinacoteca, in São Paulo, 2007.

Shot during the rehearsal of a São Paulo samba school, a short on the blue side of samba.

Poetic documentary on the city of São Paulo. A subjective camera registers life unfolding on the streets of São Paulo through a car windshield, which works as a cinema or TV screen.

A conversation on sex of rare honesty that took place during the 6º Gay pride Parade of São Paulo. King, (a real person or a character?) leads the way.

Shot during the setting through the opening of São Paulo Commemorative Art Biennale. Three simultaneous projections show workmen and artists setting the show, and artists and show visitors commenting contemporary art.

Women of different social classes and age groups discuss marriage, sex, children and work.

This short is a visual concept on the notion of citizenship. It was shot during the 5º Gay Pride Parade of São Paulo.


Serena Filmes is currently seeking financing, partnerships and institutional support for the feature documentary SÉRGIO AND DORIVAL – THE TENDER AUTUMN.

The documentary tells two inseparable stories: the 47-year old relationship between Sérgio Viotti and Dorival Carper and their activities on different fronts of the Brazilian cultural and artistic scene, in the years they lived together, from 1962 until Sérgio’s death in 2009. Sérgio was an actor, a theater director, a writer, a playwright, a translator, but also a radio announcer who worked for the BBC when he lived for nearly a decade in London, in the 1950s. Dorival was an actor and became the producer of Sérgio’s plays. The collaboration of the couple was crucial during the founding of Rádio Cultura, the first radio station to play exclusively classical music in Brazil. Sérgio also worked for Rádio Eldorado and both had shows on Rádio MEC. In the film, nine years after Sérgio’s death, Dorival talks about their marriage and professional partnership. The documentary is a double journey of resistance, courage and artistic endeavor. It shows the life and affection of a homosexual couple over nearly five decades, entwined with the history of Brazilian theater, television and radio.

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